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In 2001 Eddie Hantas came to the United States to play college basketball, in order to go back to Lebanon to play pro. One day he was hungry and wanted to eat stuffed zucchini in warm yogurt mint sauce, a Lebanese dish his mom made him growing up. So he called her and she gave him step by step directions, a few tips, and he started cooking. He realized he had a good pallet and a creative mind when combining flavors and spices.  In 2007 he opened a funky late night eatery called Eddies Pizza Lounge. Although he was successful selling pizza he was not connected to the menu for he is not Italian and the late nights were dreadful. So he closed up shop in 2011, went to the Culinary Arts Program at SCC, started working on a concept that was fast and healthy, and Hummus Xpress was conceived.

Fernando is a student of Music Theory and Composition/Hummus prep by day, and aspiring live artist by night. Outside of work and school, he is an avid hiker and is always looking for new place to travel to, camp, and explore.

Oliver is sous chef at Hummus Xpress.  He is nicknamed the "rock". Outside of work he's always taking pictures and meeting new people. He also an  amateur hiphop instructor.

Jalen is a college student during the day and a Prep Cook/Server at night here at Hummus Xpress. He loves to dance and make music and is currently pursuing a career in video production/photography.

Nick is a cunnning ASU alumni, who specializes in many areas of arts and crafts. When not in the hummus kitchen, you can find him either on a basketball court or behind a computer geeking out.